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Texas law vs Georgia law

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The state is: Texas

I am a mother of a 7 month old. I havent put her father on child support. We had been working it out amongst ourselves. I didnt want to go through the drama and hassles of court. He has another 5 yr old. 2 weeks ago the child's mother refiled for more support. He told me that if she gets 20% he cant afford to give me support or visit my child. He and that child's mom both live in Ga. I and my child live in Texas. I thought we could handle this civil but now I am in need of legal advice. If she gets 20% what will the courts give my child? I also want to give him visitation but I want it to be supervised visitation here in TX because she is only 7 months old. Will the courts rule in my favor. I am open for any advice on my situation because I have no experience with this kind of issues and need all the education I can get. Thanks for the help ~singlemom411

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